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Well… how did you do?

As you went through the items in the checklist above, were you able to check some off? Maybe some made you wince a little bit because you know that it applies to you.

Think of this as a checklist for yourself as you evaluate—am I mentally strong? If you are, fantastic.[To Waiting Your Do Thing You Simply You Here In Are Video Want Permission Fill Really For Really]

4.But it does us only good to admit our weaknesses and to ask for help when we need it.Do you run away when the going gets tough?

Do you go into flight mode when challenges arise? I’m not talking about physically leaving.Are you afraid of owning your success?

There’s modesty, and there’s the fear of coming across as over ambitions or even arrogant.Be the mistress of your own destiny.

.There is always room for improvement, as they say.You updated your look regularly, right? The same goes with your personality, career choice, lifestyle, etc.[Aren8217t College Student Problem Only Today The Hitting Loans Students]

7.But be able to draw the line between your character and your mistakes, forgive yourself and move on.


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Psychotherapist and psychology instructor Amy Morin wrote a book entitled 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do.The good news, she writes, is that mental strength can be developed, just like physical strength.Own that.Bask in it.Do you compare yourself with others?

Social media can be our worst friend in this aspect.But sometimes you just have to stick your neck out and break a rule or two.Do you put others down in order to boost yourself up?

Maybe you don’t mean to, but sometimes we end up putting a spotlight on someone else’s mistakes because it makes us look better.Do you refuse to speak up?

Oh my—this is still part of our ‘good girl’ conditioning, isn’t it? We are trained to sit back and let the others (many times the men) do the talking.She outlines that high expectations are good, but perfection is a big no.

8.Morin is right, it’s a terrible waste of time, and just adds more stress to life.[Made Youve Them To Actually Heres How Keep Resolutions Financial Your]

3.Let’s face it, bad outcomes happen to us all, it’s part of life.Don’t let your own thoughts trip you up.So, I am raising my glass to all you wonderful women out there—cheers to all of us. At the same time, let’s also look at areas where we could get better.More like avoiding situations like being given a chance for a promotion, or needing to have an honest conversation with someone close to you.Are you afraid to break the rules?

This is not about driving at 100 kilometers an hour in a 40-kilometer zone—you understand that, right? It’s just that we women are conditioned to be very good girls who keep all the rules.And yes, sometimes, things are your fault.Do you blame yourself when things go south?

Self-blame is one of the best ways to stop you from progressing.Do you see vulnerability as a weakness?

This is hard for so many us, I know.Think of all the women who broke through glass ceilings when they were told they couldn’t.

11.It’s not worth it, and if you look deep inside, that’s not what your authentic self really thinks is worth doing.[UltraFICO YOUR Boost Score The The Score Best Credit Way Is To]

10.Do you overthink everything?

Oh, I have been guilty of this so many times in the past! I used to overanalyze a thing half to death, staying awake at night wondering if I have said the right words to my boss in an email.Do you let someone else set limits on your potential?

It could be your parents, older siblings (who think they know you so well), or maybe even your significant other.Put on your big girl pants and just take the plunge.

That’s all right.Increase your good habits, and lessen your bad ones.[Goh Lessons From Theresa In Woman Tenacity Womens Month Power]

She writes that gender can play a part in developing both good and bad habits, and she tackles the habits that women are more prone to adopt.But keeping your eyes on everyone else means your view is away from your own goals—that’s how counterproductive it is.

If you’d like to read more about How To Overcome Mental Blocks and Be More Productive, we’ve got you covered.[Think What Other People]

Yes, it’s that simple.

9.You have something important to contribute to every conversation, to every meeting that you’re in.Don’t allow this to happen.They may say something that dampens your passion for something, and you find yourself discouraged from pursuing it.People evolve, it’s part of the beauty of life.If there are areas where you could get even stronger (as there are for us all), then you will find this list helpful.[Standard The Wong Gold Maili]

2.Not that you want to hog the spotlight, but when you do have something to say, speak up!

12.Just go for it.

5.But you know that your successes are hard-earned.“Cultural expectations, societal pressures, and the subtle differences in the way we raise girls are just a few of the factors that encourage women to engage in these unhealthy habits.”

Looking to build physical fitness as well as mental strength? Here’s how you can Find the Perfect Workout for Your Lifestyle!

The New Savvy -Success Mindset-Are you a mentally strong woman? 3

Cool, right? So let’s dive in into Morin’s checklist to see how mentally strong we are. 1.We don’t always have all the answers.[Per How Writer 100 First Month As A To Your Freelance Make]<

It’s March—which means that women are celebrating women’s month all across the globe.Are you reluctant to reinvent yourself?

Here’s another truth nugget: you won’t be the same person in your 30s, 40s, or 50s that you were in your 20s.Do you insist on perfection?

Morin emphasizes that perfection causes us to experience great levels of stress, and ironically enough, sabotages our performance.The reason the checklist is here is to help you identify the bad habits that prevent you from becoming mentally strong, as well as practice the good habits to get you there.

6.Do you let self-doubt prevent you from achieving your dreams?

We are big second-guessers, right? We don’t believe that we are good/smart/talented/competent/experienced/attractive enough to get what we really want.And I’d like to zero in on the particular area of being strong mentally.[A Your Help To Ally How To Womens Partner Women Month Better Be]

13.It’s our month when we get to enjoy our successes and look back in warranted pride to see how far we’ve come.That’s far more truthful than denying what a success you are.
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