But it’s 2019 and we have a choice to live as empowered women who step out and go after what we want.We no longer live in the olden days of having to wait around.You can even extend the evening by asking him out for a drink or some coffee or even a meal, afterward.You hit it off pretty well, find out you have a lot of things in common, and the evening ends but you just know you’d like to see him again to find out where things might go.

This is all well and good, but it does involve a certain amount of waiting.But sometimes you just have to go for it.[Social Know Get Benefit Security Your To]

It will be very hard for him to say no to you on your birthday or an occasion like a good friend’s wedding or your grandparents’ golden anniversary, wherein you need a plus one for the celebration.

Just do it.

Of course, you’ll feel nervous and uncertain at the start.And if he feels the same way, he’ll bite.[Invest R500 Or You What Can In Is This Less Got]

But, this happens to everyone.The heart, as they say, simply wants what it wants.

The New Savvy -Relationships -It’s Women’s Month—Why Not Make the First Move? 2

5.It doesn’t mean it’s because of our shortcomings or flaws.An interesting quiz.Hop on over to What to Look Out For: The Top Financial Red Flags in Dating

4.Something that will make him smile every time he sees it.[You Love Can To Finances Yoga Your Practice It You Apply Do Your]

.Enlist your friends and go out on a group date

This is one of the oldest ways to get to know a guy you’re interested in a little bit better.That is, the man makes the first move, and if the woman is interested, she responds positively.

Okay, so maybe you feel a little bit uncomfortable with the idea.Type your contact information into his phone.

Let’s say you strike up a great conversation with a guy you meet at a party or at an event.And what’s the opposite of that? Number one, wondering if something beautiful could have happened between you.What better way to get together than to invite him to come with you?

He’ll be grateful, which will put him in a good mood.After all, you have each other’s undivided attention for at least a few hours and it’s a perfect opportunity to get to know each other well.[Most Memoir Things Animated 3 The Profitable The Lady8217s]

This is pretty bold, I know.Why not? You ’re already out, you may as well make the most of it.

Time to assert our agency, ladies.Trust me, this is a wonderful way to live!

Needing more relationship tips? I’ve got the perfect article for you right here How savvy women make smart relationship choices.And you’ll have the advantage of having him all to yourself for a good few hours and seeing where it goes from there.Use the “I have an extra ticket” gambit

Also an old and tried and tested method that works like a charm.I’ve made a list of surefire ways of making the first move, and the rest is up to the object of your affection.[5 Your Reasons You8217re The Avoiding Top Finances]

Let it be a few couples and singles getting together, it could be for a movie or a concert, or a quick trip to the beach, or a meal together, A casual setting where there isn’t a lot of pressure should give you a chance to get to spend some quality time with the guy you have your eye on.

Who knows, you might start out as friends, and end up as something more.Send them something—a link to something you have in common, or had a conversation about.We’re used to the traditional way that dating and courtship are carried out.We all have to face this in one way or another.However, some of us may be beginning to feel that we don’t necessarily want to wait, right?

What if the guy we’re interested in is actually interested back, but needs a gentle nudge in our direction? Maybe he’s waiting for you.[Lady The With Investing Gets Serious Experiment Finally]

Get a group together, maybe not too big of a group so that it’s easy to break off into smaller conversations, but it shouldn’t just be you, your BFF, and the guy either, since that could turn out to be quite awkward.

Ways to make the first move 1.After all, what are besties for? Tell a few of your friends that you’re interested in someone, and you’d like an opportunity to spend some time with him.[More 8220It Parenting My No I8217m Mindset Better8221 Gets Changing 8211]

Our smartphones are always with us these days, am I right? At the end of your time together, ask to borrow his phone.I have just a think that will help you.And number two, regretting that you never took the chance to find out.

Hmmm, let me press pause for a moment here.Nobody wants to feel rejected as they put themselves out there but the object of their affection didn’t feel the same way.[Founder Panelist Vason Chat Makes Credit A Experian Be Cents Danielle For To Featured She YB]

But at the very least, you’ll know for sure.Ask him out on your birthday or any other special occasion

If you are hoping to take a friendship with a guy to the next level, wait for a special occasion and then take advantage of it by asking him out.

In keeping with this month’s theme of the empowerment of women, because March is women’s month, I decided to look at one specific aspect of our lives as females, and that’s dating.Suppose you’re interested in someone, but his money habits have left you a little concerned.Let’s say you just happen to buy an extra ticket to an event that you know he’d be interested in.Many of us have partnered up and are pretty happy in our relationships.You’re welcome!

The post Why Not Make the First Move? appeared first on The New Savvy.[Remember 5 A Wedding Secrets Budget No Debt To Have]

The New Savvy -Relationships -It’s Women’s Month—Why Not Make the First Move? 3


2.We have the freedom to be attracted to who we choose.[Per How Writer 100 First Month As A To Your Freelance Make]

So you meet someone, and you think they’re attractive, and you want a chance to get to know them better.And we can’t take it personally, but we have to know that when a guy doesn’t like us back, it’s not a reflection on our character.

After all, what’s the worst that can happen? You could find out that he’s not into you, and that’s perfectly all right.A gif that you know will make them laugh.I can definitely understand why.A video of a cat playing the piano.[Downloadable Resource Template Net Worth Calculation]

This sends the message that you want to keep the conversation going.Write down your phone number and your name with a short descriptor (+65 XXXX XXXX ‘Rachel—biggest Harry Potter fan next to you’, or Emily—loves 80s music).Slide into his inbox with a conversation starter

Ahhh, social media, what did we ever do without you? Everybody can send messages to the people they meet and friend or follow across different platforms.
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