In turn, we grabbed one meal, generally at a quick-serve place, while we were at the park and stayed out past bedtime.

Do you have Disney World savings tips?

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Things were mostly better this time.We ate far fewer meals at the park total, and I cut the character meals altogether.Everyone got moody.

Aside from having an overall better experience, I did learn a couple things I wanted to tack on to last year’s Disney savings tips.[With You AgainAre Season Filing Step Its Your Tax In]

.One day we did pancakes in the timeshare (which was once again kindly given to us as a gift by a family member), another we hit up a diner, etc.

So this time, we left a little later in the morning, grabbing a leisurely brunch on the way there.We noticed a bunch of these especially in Animal Kingdom.[Points AF My Score 038 Credit Happy Im Dropped 47]

Balloons are exchangeable.



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Look who welcomed us to Disney! I didn’t have the heart to warn him about Obi-Wan, but then I found out this crazy dude survived anyways.By only doing two days, I was able to save money over paying the “whole trip” price.

Unfortunately I did that last time.I mean, it was pretty awesome.It was May..Far from perfect; policies at the park still do not give adequate access to the disabled.I tried to bunch together all our professional picture taking at two parks so I could pay to buy the photos from the Disney app for each day.[A Your Help To Ally How To Womens Partner Women Month Better Be]

So we didn’t have to stress about meal plans, It also meant we weren’t rushing around to make our reservations because we didn’t have any.#yum .#disneyworld #immortal #darthmaul #disneyhollywoodstudios #orlando #lakebuenavista #florida #america #starwarsnerdforlife #darkside #starwars #strengththroughanger #strengththroughadversity #hesalive #girlslovetravel #travelgram #sheisnotlost #welcome #roadtrip #travelgirlsgo #shedarestotravel #maytheforcebewithyou #disney #travelphotography #adventureswithkids #womenwhotravel

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I spent an embarrassing amount of money on a balloon for one of the littles.So.But I did learn the bunching method from that experience.

If we judge by happiness levels, this was a much better plan.We had already done that once, and the hack I found to meet characters for free for sure at a scheduled time was employed heavily this time around.They offered me free tickets to compensate us for our troubles, so we tried again a few months ago.[Director School Business Million Owner Dollar Band From To High]

I mean, was I happy to pay $60-$70 for quick-serve food? No.But if I’m honest, the quality of food there was higher than what we would have gotten at the fast food joint I would have stopped on the way home out of sheer exhaustion.There were just too many great memories and pictures.#disneyworld #disneyhollywoodstudios #darthvader #chickenandwaffles #darkside #maytheforcebewithyou #girlslovetravel #shedarestotravel #travelgirlsgo #womenwhotravel #sheisnotlost #travelgram #foodaroundtheworld #orlando #lakebuenavista #florida #america #roadtrip #goodeats #darksidewaffles #wanderlustwednesday #wednesdaywanderlust #starwarsnerdforlife #starwars

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Last time we went to Disney World, we tried to wake up early and get there as soon as the parks opened.We had gone not all that long ago, and I had politely put in a complaint about accessibility issues at the park.Sometimes it’s with mascots, sometimes it’s just at a scenic park.The price wasn’t ideal, but…

Budget-wise, it was a major win over last year.Bluish purple words beneath the image read: "Disney World Savings Tips femmefrugality.com"" "328" height="555" srcset="https://femmefrugality.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/disney-world-savings-tips-1-328x555.jpg 328w, https://femmefrugality.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/disney-world-savings-tips-1-604x1024.jpg 604w, https://femmefrugality.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/disney-world-savings-tips-1-624x1057.jpg 624w, https://femmefrugality.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/disney-world-savings-tips-1.jpg 726w" "(max-width: 328px) 100vw, 328px" />

The capstone on our Florida trip was Disney World.Less.But I appreciated that they tried and that we only ran into one gnarly park employee this time around.

I don’t have the best camera on my phone and I’m not the best photographer, so this time I made sure to purposefully take advantage.Much.Although another contributing factor may have been the time of year.[Founder Panelist Vason Chat Makes Credit A Experian Be Cents Danielle For To Featured She YB]

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